Student Essay Competition: Spirituality & Public Health


Spirituality and Public Health


Welcome to the 2017 national student essay contest on spirituality, religion, and Public Health. The purpose of this national contest is to draw attention to an emerging scientific and professional topic that holds important implications for Public Health, but is too often overlooked.

More than 3000 empirical studies of religion/spirituality (R/S) and health have now been published, and more than 100 systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Longevity differentials of nearly 14 years have been linked to R/S factors. Other health professions such as medicine and psychology have made major strides in addressing R/S factors in teaching and research. National surveys indicate that public health educational leaders are receptive to teaching about the topic, and that public health students want more information. This contest is intended to foster broader awareness of the vast evidence base on R/S and health, and its relevance to Public Health as a field. Additional information about the evidence base can be found at at U.C. Berkeley’s project, On the Viewscreen (link).

Prizes in 2017

$1000 (1st prize), $600 (2nd prize), $300 (3rd prize).

The 2017 contest will contain separate divisions for graduates and undergraduates: Prizes will be awarded for the top three essays by graduate students, and to up to three essays by undergraduates.


Graduate students in Public Health, or undergraduates majoring in Public Health, who are enrolled in Fall 2017 in a School or College of Public Health, or in a Public Health Program that is affiliated with the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (


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